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Cattolica Center

The next Junior and Cadets 2018 World Cup will take place in the halls of the Società Cattolica located in the industrial area of Verona, not far from the fairgrounds. 

This site contains a history of courage and resourcefulness that began in the 1950s with a gentleman named Gerhard Richard Gumpert. He arrived in Italy in 1940 as Secretary of Legation of the Embassy of Germany and fell so in love with our country and its people that he began to strive in favor of populations affected by the war. 

In 1951, Gumpert imported the first Volkswagen and in 1954 he ratified a contract as general importer of VW cars in Italy and founded Autogerma. His goal: to sell the VW Beetle, the only model produced by the automobile house based in Wolfsburg at that time. Adamant that assistance mattered more than selling, Gumpert built a valid sales and service network, looking for and personally choosing -one by one- the first VW dealerships in Italy by travelling from one end to the other of the Italian peninsula. Autogerma lived two important moments of growth in the mid-1960s: the creation of an Autogerma spare parts central warehouse in Verona in 1965 and the ratification of a contract as general importer of Audi NSU cars in Italy in 1966. 

In the subsequent years, the company experienced significant growth and development and by the beginning of the 1970s more eventful news enlivened Autogerma. First, in 1973 Autogerma converted to a joint stock company as an importer for Italy of

Volkswagen, Audi, NSU and Porsche. In 1974 the company moved from Bologna to Verona and united the commercial networks of Volkswagen and Audi. In 1992 there were further significant accomplishments for Autogerma: 

»» the move to new headquarters in the Quadrante Europa area in Verona which also includes a large spare parts distribution center with an area of 52,000 square meters 

»» the incorporation of the Škoda Italy and SEAT Italy 


For years, the area consisting of warehouses and buildings, a total of about 80,000 square meters, was left unused. There had been various projects to revitalize the area and take advantage of the buildings where office personnel worked and the huge warehouse, with its façade shaped as an ellipse that earned it the nickname of “flying saucer”. In fact, the architect Cino Zucchi imagined a residential complex with 150 apartments, shops and even a clinic, but this project fell through and in the 2014 Cattolica Assicurazione, through its subsidiary Cattolica Beni Immobili Srl, purchased the whole area. Consequently, a structural reinforcement and an anti-seismic upgrading of structures began to include both the plenary and warehouse buildings. Engineering works were carried out for a new mechanical air conditioning, electrical, and fire prevention systems, and a new LED lighting system with electronic adjustment. Car parks, green areas and irrigation systems were redeveloped externally. The roofs were weather-proofed, the flooring reset, and new bathrooms were installed. What had been the dream of an entrepreneur had changed and evolved. It was not lost, but restored and the entire area became a dwelling open to the community for conferences, meetings, new car presentations and why not ... the future Junior and Cadet World

Fencing Championships where dreams, courage, and determination will compete under the banner of respect, loyalty and a competitive spirit. 


From 01 to 10 April 2018, the Cattolica Center will become a genuine fencing village where areas dedicated to competitions and training sessions will alternate with technical and operational areas. 


Specifically, athletes and spectators will be able to enjoy:

»» 4 restaurants / bars

»» 24 piste for preliminary competitions

»» 14 piste for warming up / workout

»» 5 piste for the finals

»» a large car park with over 1,500 parking spaces